10 Video Game Foods I’d Try

As someone who thoroughly enjoys food, I have always been curious as to how some foods in video games would taste. I mean, if they were real. I don’t think code tastes like anything. Maybe it does. How would you eat code? Probably as a dip with chips…
BA DUM TSH! Anyway, here are ten video game foods I want to nom!

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Skullgirls Never Die

Finally, after having waited for several months, the Skullgirls patch is finally here (though unfortunately, only on the PS3 so far, but more on this later). The patch, dubbed “Skullgirls: Slightly Different Edition” is more than just slightly different, however. Hundreds of changes and tweaks have been made to improve the gameplay and overall feel of the game; the notes can be found here.

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Developers may Crush (our hopes and expectations)

When the latest Devil May Cry game was announced, I was beaming with joy until the first trailer was revealed. Like most people, I was quite skeptical and did not exactly imagine that anything good could come out with Ninja Theory’s drastic change in direction on the DMC franchise. But I remained hopeful and open-minded. Even with sub-par trailer after sub-par trailer and a pre-release DLC announcement (sigh…), I truly believed that this new DmC had potential to be a good, well, Devil May Cry. Recently, however, my hopes have been dashed.  Continue reading


Welcome to the world of Pokemon  My name is Oak! People call me the Pokemon Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon!

Well that’s not really important if you’re one of those pesky social justice bloggers.

But thats not why you’re here is it? IS IT?

Well, with that being said…

Like I said Pokemon Black/White 2 came out last Sunday, if you haven’t picked it up I’ll give you a few good reasons why… but that comes after you click that ” more’ thingy. Continue reading

G3: Gaming Gimmicks Galore (E3 Rant)

Let me just start off by saying that my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all 2ShotsOfGeek members and yadayada, that stuff.

The big event that we all know as E3 occurred just last week, and quite honestly, I was overall disappointed with the event. The short version as to why I found the show to lack hype factor is this, basically (be sure to check out the links in the description as well; they are easily some of the best gaming-related gifs I have ever come across). As for the long-winded, gamer-rage-filled version, you can hit the jump below.

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Super Platinum Brothers: Anarchy (Demo and Game news)

While I have been trapped in the Skullgirls vortex, it seems that a demo of Platinum Games’ latest title Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy in Japan) has been released on both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Unfortunately, the demo is only available for Japanese accounts on both systems, but thankfully there is an easy (yet overly complicated) solution for non-Japanese citizens. For PSN users, you simply have to, well, make a Japanese account; that much is pretty easy as long as you can figure out how to navigate menus. For XBL users, you must undergo a more. . . difficult process in order to get your hands on the demo, which can be found here thanks to the ever lovely users of NeoGAF, so hop on it and join the carnage! I’ve played a bit of the demo myself, and words cannot explain how much fun I’ve had with it. For those unclear of what the heck Anarchy Reigns is, be sure to hit the jump. Continue reading

May The Anime Commence

The shirt explains it all.

The Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) was my very first convention, and I am pretty damn glad that I started out by going to such a mindblowing convention. It certainly did not hurt that I got a press pass as well (which I rubbed in the faces of some of my friends that I saw at the convention, admittedly). Being a member of the press, I was a bit nervous; I’m not exactly used to stopping various people to take pictures of them, handing out business cards, and conducting interviews, especially with celebrities. That feeling of uneasiness quickly passed once I learned just how nice all of the guests at MTAC were. Everyone seemed excited to have their pictures taken, the cosplayers and merchants were more than willing to answer any of my questions, and even when I awkwardly handed out business cards to people they were very friendly and seemed genuinely interested in checking out 2 Shots of Geek. My only complaint is that some people seemed to be professionals at needlessly taking up space in narrow walkways, so it was a bit tough to maneuver from place to place once things got crowded, but that happens at just about any place with excited people moving all about (and school). Continue reading

Real Life Needs Boss Theme Music (Part 1)

Video game music is easily my personal favorite genre of music. There really is not too much of a reason as to why I love video game music so much; it just gets me hyped up and ready to take on the world as soon as I plug in the earplugs, put on my exercise gloves, slip on my running shoes, and bust out random dance moves for a good two minutes straight. With that said, I’m going to recommend some great video game soundtracks for you guys, some “hot, fly beats” if you will. The theme for this post is- no, forget it, no themes, I’m just going to recommend some hot soundtracks for you guys that’ll pump you up to take on tomorrow’s math test like it was the final arcade boss in a King of Fighters game (though really, that’s just more demoralizing than anything else, but whatever). Continue reading