Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 38 – It’s Time…for Extra Life!

Hello everyone! In what may be our most important episode yet(though kind of exhausted while doing it) we go over our week and what we think about Extra Life! It is so close, and we hope you will support us. We talk about our gaming experiences, and how it’s so different in the real world than the digital world. Thank you all for all the help so far, we hope to see you this Saturday at the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley :)[podcast][/podcast]

Welcome to Die! – X-Men Arcade Android Review

I grew up in the arcades. I really did. It is a great way to socialize, and it really teaches you a lot about economy. You learn to value that quarter, which in turn makes you realize the value of money. Seriously. Once you see how much that quarter gives, you know how much it’s really worth. That being said, us arcade brethren grew up on challenges. One of these was the X-Men arcade game. This game was large, and gave me lots of frustration and joy. It was recently released on Android, so I had to give it a shot. We have another Android game review…how did it do? Continue reading