Cotton Tails? – DuckTales Remastered Xbox 360 Review

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DuckTales! One of my favorite cartoon series of all time. I really loved it as a kid. The production values were pretty good, and I think the series actually holds up pretty well to this day. Why didn’t anyone want to be Scrooge McDuck when they grew up? The guy is loaded and everyone kisses up to him! Anyways, I was really looking forward to this game. I played the original DuckTales game on the NES so many years ago, so I wanted to see how WayForward handled this important piece of history. Let’s find out! Continue reading

To Infinity and Beyond: First Look at Disney Infinity

Following in the wake of the popular Skylanders games, in which you buy figurines to play as different characters and levels, we have a new challenger to our wallets: Disney Infinity. Continue reading

Lara Croft Returns

541d80edaaeda772_999_largeLara Croft Returns: A Tomb Raider Review. Well, yes the new Tomb Raider is out and I have played through it on the Xbox 360. When I first heard that Tomb Raider was returning to the video game world I admit, I didn’t expect much. Then I heard small tidbits about rebooting the story and that intrigued me. However, it was not under CES 2013 when I sat down and played a small portion of the game that I decided to buy it.

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Tomb Raider

a0ab49c42b55d6d8_999_largeI had the opportunity for a hands on preview of the new Tomb Raider on Xbox 360 (due for a March 5th release) the other night while here at CES in Las Vegas. The new Tomb Raider re-launches and tells the story of Lara Croft for the first time. With a new single player campaign and multiplayer game modes, it’s setting the stage to perform one hell of a show. How does it perform though?

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Halo 4- The Review

2820771-gallery.pngHalo 4 begins where things ended in Halo 3, which is really exciting to long time fans like us, with the return of Master Chief. Bungie has passed the baton and 343 Studios began the task of breathing new life in this series. Has 343 Studios Succeeded? Should you buy Halo 4? Keep reading after the break for answers and more.

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 38 – It’s Time…for Extra Life!

Hello everyone! In what may be our most important episode yet(though kind of exhausted while doing it) we go over our week and what we think about Extra Life! It is so close, and we hope you will support us. We talk about our gaming experiences, and how it’s so different in the real world than the digital world. Thank you all for all the help so far, we hope to see you this Saturday at the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley 🙂 

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 30 – Cybertron & An Internal Rivalry

Magic number 30! Very meaningful for some of us older geeks. This week, we go back down to the usual team of three, but still involve others. Wayne spends some time going over Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, which a lot of us have been waiting for. I go over my 26 match marathon against our own Kolby in Persona 4 Arena, and talk more in-depth about the game. We also talk randomly about what’s going on in our lives, the latest gaming news, and more! 

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 28 – A New Persona Arises

It’s time for a shot! It’s a bit of a slow week, but we have a new arrival in the fighting scene: Persona 4 Arena! We discuss how different it is from current fighters, updates on Extra Life, our visit to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, the latest gaming news, and much more! I think we even throw some Lakers talk in here somewhere…damn!