Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 160


So from our previous episode, we are exactly 1 week away from the San Diego Comic-Con International 2015! On this episode Wayne and Fidel talk about Batman Arkham Knight, while Jesse talk about MiiVerse and news from the Sony patch! Please due tune in to next weeks episode because it is going to be a special one!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 141


Well it has been a short week us here, and we’ve got a few bits of news for you all. News of sales for X-Box Live Gold Members. More recap of Dying Light for the PS4! Now the one game that has Wayne, Fidel, Mimi and Jesse hooked on is Trivia Crack!!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 133



Hello and welcome back to our Thanksgiving episode of the Shot O’ Games Podcast! There’s not a lot of news lately due to the Holiday season but we do have news for all the seasons deals on the hottest video games for sale! All of use from 2 Shots of Geek are very thankful for all of our fans! Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 132

freddy fazbnear

And here we are, back again with another episode of the Shot O’ Games Podcast! This episode we talk about news from BlizzCon 2014 and the final chapter of the StarCraft 2 trilogy called Legacy of the Void. More news of the new upcoming Zelda game for the Wii, a white XBox One and a very shocking news from Jesse about Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 “Demo”!

The Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 123 – Destiny


Tacos!!! that’s for dinner!!! No really Fidel got a bit hungry and ordered tacos! Anyways back again with Episode 123 of the Shot O’ Games Podcast and we talk more crazy news for new games. Upcoming release date for Dying Light, Destiny’s money making day 1 release, a special edition X-Box One controller and much more news!

The Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 118


So it’s been a slow week for us here, but we do have some news for you all. GameStop changing their ways when you trade in your games? A TV controller for the X-Box One, but that’s not coming out here in the US, and a few more news that we cover. We also talk about the biggest movie of the 2014 summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy!

Ubisoft E3 2014 Recap


Ubisoft had a fairly decent show this year. They showed us some expected franchises, as well ass some new games as well. The whole presentation benefited from Aisha Tyler presenting it. She did a fabulous job and i really hope she is back next year. Anyway, time to talk about the games.

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