Tech Armor Product Review – Ballistics Screen Protector, Relax Bumper, and 6ft. Charging Cable


Hello again everyone, your neighborhood phone gear fanatic is back with another product review! I was recently able to try out Tech Armor’s new line of Ballistic Screen Protector for the iPhone5, the Relax Series Bumper Full View Case Edgeprotect, and a 6 foot Charging cable. Without further ado, let’s get to the review!

First up, we have the Relax series Bumper Full View case Edgeprotect. When I received this case, I was a little confused. It was just a bumper guard, as in, it had no protection for the back of my phone. However, when I put the Bumper on my phone, I was pleasantly surprised! Even though the Bumper lacks a back plate, the Bumper sticks out far enough to protect the back of the phone. That being said, my phone was in need of charging, so I tried to plug it in. Much to my surprise the charger would not fit into the hole allotted for that very purpose. Needless to say, I had to switch back to my older Tech Armor case so that I would be able to charge the phone as I needed to.
Functionality: 3/5EdgeProtect

The Bumper is okay in the lines of functionality, the offered protection is suitable for my needs, but it may not be to those that drop their phones a lot. I would recommend a tougher case from the company for those that tend to have their phones out a lot. (I have been using my Relax Series SlimProtect case while at work.) I had to knock some points for that charger issue, though. My phone is a few years old and I tend to use it A LOT, so my battery runs low by the time that I get off work; this is where I REALLY need to be able to plug the phone in and let it charge up, but having to change cases is a hassle.

Appearance: 5/5

Simply put, I love the look of the Bumper. It doesn’t look like much at first, but the more you look at it, the more you start to see all of its potential as a guardian of the phone.

Protection: 4/5

As I stated above, I was skeptical at first, but now I see the value of the protection that the Bumper presents. With a lightweight and slim design, this Bumper could be the next thing that I look for in a case.

Use Friendliness: 5/5

This Bumper popped right onto my phone and was easy to remove when I needed to.


Next up, the Ballistic Glass Screen Protector. I have wanted to try a Ballistic glass case for the longest time, and it did not disappoint! The instructions for the installation of the screen protector were very simple and easy to follow. I have had some screen protectors in the past that have been nearly impossible to line up correctly, but this one was very easy to line up with the corresponding openings on my iPhone. (I did get a small piece of lint trapped under the protector, but that was my own fault for trying to put the protector on while sitting on my bed. However, this does not affect the functionality of the protector or mess up the use of the phone’s touchscreen.)

One feature of this screen protector that I absolutely love has to be the beveled edges. I actually feel like this protector is doing the job that it was intended for, unlike so many others that I have had. The beveled edges almost meet the edges of my SlimProtect case perfectly, so none of my screen is open to the outside environment. This being said, this is a thick protector. The touchscreen still works fabulously even though the protector is one of the thicker ones that I have used. I wholeheartedly recommend this Ballistic Glass Screen Protector! Ballistic Glass protectorProtector

Functionality: 5/5

Does exactly what it was intended to do and still allows the user to interface with the touch screen flawlessly.

Appearance: 5/5

Unlike some protectors that I have used in the past, this one is crystal clear. It’s almost like I don’t have a screen protector on at all! It has a very sleek and natural appearance when applied correctly to the screen.


Protection: 5/5

Enough said.

User Friendliness: 5/5

As I said above, the instructions for installing the screen protector were incredibly easy to follow.


Lastly, we come to the 6ft. charging cable. This charging cable is pretty normal, but it has a rugged cord. There’s not much I can say about this cable, because it’s pretty normal. I do like the rugged cord, though!Charging Cable



For more products by Techarmor, be sure to check out their website!

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