The Heat is Starting Up, and So is the Anime!

I’m back! Sorry about the lack of anime, the last few months of school were pretty rough, so I fell behind in anime, but I’ll keep up this time. I’ve watched pretty much everything out this season and there are many great series out!

Brothers Conflict– Do you like reverse harems? Well here’s your anime for the season! If you aren’t familiar with reverse harems, I’ll direct you over to Ouran Host. Alright, so I’mBrothers conflict kinda lost about parts of this anime, but this is what I go out of it: our main girl is thrown into a household with 13 brothers (her father remarried, and he and his new wife are well-known so she doesn’t want to be a burden or something), they range from age 11 to 32 (though I swear the 11-year-old sounds like he’s 17) and one of them happens to be her classmate. We learn a little bit about each brother but before I get to that, she has some…weird squirrel thing that I guess directs her to the guy she’s supposed to end up with, or something like that…? I’m somewhat confused at what’s going on honestly, like I think two of the brothers confess to one another? I dunno, but here you go Ouran fans!

Free!– Swimming anime is here! So this anime has been pretty hyped up for a while because it’s “fanservice for girls” as opposed to overly moe/loli/Highschool of the Dead Swimming animefanservice aimed at guys. Well I’m not going to rant about that as, I don’t want to. Anyways, so we have four guys who obviously love swimming (but we only meet three in the beginning) and our main character, Haru, absolutely loves water. Like no really, he loves it. Mentioning the word “water” leads to him stripping down to his swim shorts (which he always has on for some reason). Anyways, so we get some back story to these characters after we meet them all; they used to swim competitively when they were little, and all but one quit and he, Rin, even went abroad to get better at swimming. They go back to the pool they used to swim at, which is going to be demolished, and surprise! Rin’s back and he challenges Haru–but there’s no water in the pool! Instead the group of three go to the pool at Rin’s high school after everyone’s gone and the rivalry continues. I honestly have to say I really like this anime and the ED’s little “story” is neat. Fanservice or not, I’d recommend this for the comedy– we haven’t seen too much of the sports aspect yet, but I’m sure it’ll be pulled off well!

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou– This anime was a little hard to understand at first, but since it’s a mystery series, it makes more sense as you watch on (I still don’t feel like it was properly executed, but it’ll probably make more sense as the series runsinu it’s course) Our main characters are a boy, Kazuhito Harumi, who had been resurrected as a dog, and a novelist named Kirihime Natsuno. This episode deals with the two trying to track down the man who murdered Kazuhito. First, they got to His old apartment, as the man took Kazuhito’s wallet and his room key was in it. Well, everyone thought the kid stayed in room 102, when instead he stayed in 101 with 102 as his own personal library. They hear a thud and 101 slams open and the culprit pops out. Things get a little weird as Kirihime dukes it out with him, and by the end of the episode I’m completely lost. I just hope the next few episodes clear up what is even going on in this series…

Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu – Man the full title is a mouthful… As I’ve mentioned before, I stopped looking at the anime synopsis that are out so I never know what I’m the anime wiht gunsgetting into. Well with this anime, the first minute gave me the impression that this was an idol anime. I was dead wrong. I’ve heard this anime being described as “K-on with guns” and well I’ve never gotten into K-on, but I think that’s about right. Yura Yamato, our main character gets into this fancy academy she’s been longing to get into, but she gets herself into a little predicament while browsing her/her roommate’s room. Her roommate isn’t there and she finds something unusual: gun props. Yamato assumes she’s just a drama student (I thought she was a cosplayer >3>) and soon enough gets dragged into a very interesting club. This club reenacts gun battles; for instance in this episode, they reenacted Rambo. Needless to say it got as intense as any comedy can get, but there was a laugh thrown in  no matter how “serious” their reenactment got.

Turning Girls– One of the first shorts of the season! This anime is about that point in a girl’s life where “things start to change”–which I’m going to take it as, when it’s time to turning girlsgrow up, be responsible, or just do whatever you want legally because you’re an adult. The first episode features four girls on a group blind date; two give off an impression that they like to meet people, one seems to like music more than guys, and the fourth, was unfortunately invited (plus, there were only three guys, so…). She’s a bit of an airhead who believes she’s an idol, so she creates a disturbance once she joins in, and the outcome is somewhat predictable. There are many ways this anime can go, but it’s not clear if this group of girls are the main characters, or if it’s just random girls’ lives being peeked into per short, but I’d definitely take a look at it; there’s a quick laugh and the animation is pretty neat!


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