The Hype Rises – Six More Confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken + Scramble Mode

Oh yeah, let the hype train continue rolling! As if we didn’t already have enough to look forward to in the fighting game arena(maybe a little too much actually) we have some more details on the most anticipated fighting game for this year, Street Fighter X Tekken. While I doubt that my main man Adon will join the cast, we have four more additions, one of which I’ve been anticipating for quite a while. We also get some more details on one of the game’s most unique modes, the two on two scramble mode. Can you say madness? Heck, can you say random? I can, it will seem random or choreographed. Let’s see what’s new from Capcom in Street Fighter X Tekken.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That being the case, let’s get this video out here so you can see what is coming next:

There he is! The best in the universe! My man Paul Phoenix! Just like myself and Fidel expected, he is partnering up with long time friend Law to take on everyone. I am really interested in how Paul will play, as I’m thinking he will be a good mix of power and speed. Mainly, he will have higher than average power, but he won’t be slow as molasses. That’s what I want. If I partner him with Guile, I will have team high hair! We also got Vega and Balrog, who in my opinion were givens. We were just waiting for confirmation on their arrival. They look the same as their Street Fighter 4 counterparts. One minor surprise is the addition of Juri. I think she will do better here than in Street Fighter 4. The chain combos and juggles here seem to better complement her play style. Xiaoyu is also confirmed, my guess is she will partner with Jin.

Now onto Scramble mode. This is a true two on two mode, where everyone is on the screen at once. This seems like a cool idea in theory, but I’m not sure how well it will play out. Certain things will keep teams at bay. If there are enough projectiles on the screen, it will be hard to get around anywhere. I think that may be overly pessimistic on my part though. If you have proper team synergy, and very good coordination with your partner, you can make some very evil strategies here. Rush Punch Sonic Boom combos? Hurricane Kicks to distract while you close in for a Spinning Pile Driver? The possibilities are endless. I can see this being something used for exhibitions, not to seriously compete. Still, it’s nice to have the chance. We will keep you updated on Street Fighter X Tekken as we hear about it. Remember, March 6, 2012. Cross the line.

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