The Legend, Revisited!

I’d like to think my love for the Legend of Zelda series has been established since the get-go (see my other Zelda post here). As such, when I heard about the Hyrule Historia being released by Dark Horse Comics, I could barely contain myself… Especially with the inclusion of the “Official” Timeline as established and confirmed by Big N. Now, if you are confused or unsure about how these games all come together to form an ACTUAL timeline, I believe we have something for you.

As with most fans who are familiar with Nintendo’s notoriety in “Official” LoZ timeline credibility, I was pretty skeptical. Even more so with the release of the Wii U being so close (at that time, since we all know it’s already been a month since it’s launch). As I further delved into the timeline’s story and layout, it was making more and more sense. Words, however, escaped me. I could see how they all linked together (no pun intended, I promise), but I just couldn’t describe it, or explain it and do it justice at the same time. It was all just so beautiful. Then, here at 2Shots, I was presented with a most glorious video produced by our friends at

Now, whether or not the Hyrule Historia timeline will remain official or not is always going to be a question on our minds (with a Wii U Zelda title in works), this video offers not only a beautifully organized video on the history of the Legend of Zelda franchise, but also a stunning, visual eye-gasm (yeah, I made that up just now), and very satisfying insight on how this timeline all links together the different games. Just watch this video, give a shout-out to the guys over at gametrailers, and let us know what you think below.

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