The Leviathan In The Room

wallpaper-020-leviathan-pMass Effect 3’s latest DLC offers gamers a few more hours of gameplay as Commander Shepard. In this DLC you get to investigate a Leviathan, which is known or believed to have killed a Reaper. How does it fit with the main story and is it worth purchasing? Keep reading.

First off this fits almost perfectly into the main story, but adds questions as to how these events could unfold and still have the endings as they are? With my save having beaten the game a few times I was at a point where all I could do was attack Cerberus, but thanks to this new DLC I could now travel to the Citadel once more and complete a task I forgot the first time through. That is where this DLC begins in a research lab on the Citadel, it then takes us all over the Galaxy and to new worlds. screenshot-072-leviathan-p

The quality is on par with what we have come to expect from Bioware. On Xbox Live it’s only 800 points, which appears to be fair. The dialogue and missions kept me entertained and intrigued, after all it is a mystery. Overall it’s a solid piece, but a few things seemed funny in character movement once in awhile and at a few points, you may feel like your running in circles. The Achievements were nothing to write home about as you most likely will get the majority of them just by playing. We do get some questions answered about where the Reapers came from along with some new weapons and upgrades.

screenshot-093-leviathan-pWith all that in mind, I can safely recommend this DLC as a viable source of entertainment that will benefit those who have not completed the game more than those of us that have. Nonetheless, it does give us a nice additional touch to this vast Galaxy for a fair price.  

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