The original pocket monster

Before the phenomenon that is Pokemon we had a different kind of pocket pet, the Tamagotchi. And like most of the 90’s it faded away into the great fad castle in the sky.

Until now you either had to shell out $80 bucks for one on ebay or cry relentlessly.

Well Bandai heard your cries.

Currently exclusive to the Google Play store and eventually making way to the Apple market is Bandai’s official Tamagotch: L.I.F.E app. It is a exact replica of the tiny electric egg we once had, it even has the original fold out manual in the app! If the egg screen is a little too awkward for you there is also a full screen function as well as shown below:

Both screen modes have changeable backgrounds, however classic mode has a few key differences like changeable shells as you progress in the game and your “play” interaction game is differtent. In classic mode its your original “guess which way your gotchi is going to turn” while full screen has “rock, paper, scissors”.

Aside from that the icon format is exactly as it was in the past:

  • Fork/Knife: FOOD! this is where you feed your gotchi meals or snacks. Meals fill hunger, snacks add happiness.
  • Light bulb: Your pets gotta sleep, turn off the lights when he falls asleep. Turn it on when he wakes.
  • Bat and Ball: This is where you play with your pet to make him happy.
  • Medicine: When he gets sick you need to administer medicine.
  • Rubber Duck: Clean up that poop!
  • Scale: Check stats.
  • Scold: Sometimes… he wants unnecessary attention. Tell him no.
  • Alert: He needs something.

This app is exactly how I remembered Tamagotchi to be so it was a huge wave of nostalgia. Plus it has notifications on your phone so you don’t forget about him! This is a free app so naturally there are ads which come in the form of small bottom of the screen banners, its not too bothersome.

So tap into your nostalgia, and raise a little pocket pet of your own!


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