“The Wake” Issues 4 & 5 Review


Spoiler Alert: I will be going over basic plot of these issues.

Hey fellow geeks!
It’s time to play catch-up on The Wake. In the latest two issues, numbers four and five, some serious stuff went down and I can’t wait to see how it pans out in later installations.
Issue four opens up with a flashback from 100,000 years ago. A group of Neanderthal type people and then a more modern (but still primitive) looking human meet eye to eye. The Neanderthal offers some sort of bloody mass to the human who declines the offer and proceeds to blow every last Neanderthal away with a large, high-tech cannon that is clearly not of their own technology.
Back to the present day the crew is struggling with survival against an onslaught of the terrifying mermaid creatures. Through great loss some of the crew escapes (I won’t give any names) back into the oil rig only to merely escape the grasp of the encroaching horde of monsters.  With the rig flooding and death inevitable the crew begins to plot their next moves. Some theories as to what the mermaids actually are get brought up by the myth scholar before they enact their plan to basically deafen the creatures by pushing the rig’s drill to its maximum potential. As they do so the crew is met with a sound most unnerving. A large portion of the rig is destroyed and from the destruction comes a creature exponentially larger than what they had been dealing with. End issue four.
3454429-wke_cv5_ds Issue five starts off with another flashback to Lee on a small boat with her father. She tells him of her dreams to become a marine biologist. The present smashes back where it left off. The unbelievably large creature begins to demolish parts of the oil rig before it swims away with thousands of its smaller counterparts. Lee quickly concludes that they are heading to the mainland and the mythologist tells several ancient stories of great floods from all over the world, implying those stories were of these creatures. Meeks has an idea and guides the rest of the crew to a secret base he had built in the rig. There, in his hunter’s den, he stashed a weaponized submarine (convenient, right?). With some sacrifices the crew manages to potentially kill the large creature but, things don’t look too good for them. The story then cuts to the future where we meet Leeward, the teal haired woman with the dolphin from the very first issue.
As I said, the plot of The Wake is truly starting to pick up. The suspense and horror-like elements really drive these issues making them the fastest yet most enjoyable reads thus far. The art is also just as amazing as previous issues but, somehow more impressive, especially with the scenes involving many mermaids. The detail you can see is simply astounding. Overall these issues rank higher than previous releases and I cannot wait for the next issue in February. If you have yet to pick up issues one through five I highly recommend doing so, you won’t regret it.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll catch ya’ later!

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