“The Wake” Issues 6 & 7 Review

3663174-wakeI’m going to make these quick and with little spoilers.
The Wake takes an interesting turn in these recent issues, abandoning the crew we’ve been with since the beginning and giving us a look into the life of Leeward, the teal haired, dolphin riding girl we’ve seen glimpses of in past issues. What I found particularly interesting is what she “is”. With the little information given to us reader’s about her, all we knew was that she has a sweet, pet dolphin that she uses to annihilate the sea monster mermaid things. My assumption was that she was some sort of elite fighter in the future that goes around killing off these creatures to keep what’s left of humanity safe but, right at the start of issue six we learn that *only major spoiler* the poison within the heads of the creatures is used as a hallucinogenic drug by this future civilization and she’s providing the heads! This twist surprised me in all the right ways. Issue six also goes into some exposition about what happened after that colossal creature came up from the depths. I won’t go into much detail but basically the entire world flooded, letting the mermonsters go further inland. This is my favorite chunk of the issue for it shows a before and after picture of Earth. Disaster is always interesting. The issue goes on to show how the humans are fighting the “mers” as they’re called and ends on a wicked cliffhanger. I’m not even sure how the ending is entirely possible but, I’m excited to find out. I won’t ruin it, no worries.
vertigo-the-wake-issue-7Issue seven sort of picks up where six left off. Without giving away the major cliffhanger, Leeward is taken in by General Marlow, a real tough and patriotic man that I don’t really like as a character even though he has a great beard. Anyways, this is an action packed issue with not a lot of back story which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It’s still a fun read and the ending, again, leaves you with a magnitude of questions. However, despite the action and cool scenes, it seems lacking compared to the previous issue. My reasoning behind this feeling is that issue six introduces readers to this massive idea and really shows us what this new world is all about where issue seven is basically just a long fight scene.
Combined, the two issues are still fantastic though. They do a very good job at depicting this new, flooded Earth and how humans exist in it as well as showing the still serious threat of the mers. Having spent a handful of issues in the bleak landscape of the deep sea oil rig, being above water with very colorful characters is a pleasant change and one of my favorite parts of these two issues.
Just like all my past reviews, I am going to tell you to read this series if you haven’t yet. The story is extremely unique and the artwork is simply amazing. With only three more issues left in the series I can only imagine things are about to get mind-blowing. I can’t wait.
Have you been reading The Wake? Which issue is your favorite so far? Let me know in the comments below and as always, thanks for reading and, I’ll catch ya’ next time!

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