The Winter Animes Are Pouring In!

I feel like this was the season of shorts; at least half of the series I’ll be covering this week were 2-4 minutes long and they were some of the weirdest series I’ve ever seen, if I can say so. I’ve picked my favorites of the season, but there really weren’t many I absolutely loved, but there were plenty of comedies this season, but their randomness is pretty extreme is you ask me…

Ai-Mai-mi– This short was ridiculous…It basically is in the layout most comedies about high school girls are, but it had about 3 skits ai mi maithrown in. So the girls are in a manga club, but if anything most of the skits weren’t really related to it, only maybe one (and I want to say it was a reference to Chuunibyou and the “8th grader syndrome” but who knows?) It really reminded me of Nichijou with the randomness, as the very first scene was of one of the girls saying hi to a Kappa and tossed a cucumber at him. Which ended up killing him. So that should be enough to give you an idea of what it’s about (not really but it’s not something I can actually pinpoint…) If you liked Nichijou, Lucky Star, and all those other moe comedies about high school girls, this 3 minute short should be pretty entertaining, but I do warn you this one can be a bit mature in terms of jokes, so beware!

Bakumatsu Gijinden– For a moment I thought this was something related to Lupin the Third (I’m not really a fan of it, but the artwork is extremely recognizable), but surely enough it was from the samebakumatsu creators. The story takes place in the Edo period and our main character is Roman, who people call “helper-san” as he is basically hired to help people with whatever deeds they need help with like saving a seat at the cherry blossom festival or getting a little kid’s kite out of the tree. His little sister is the one who basically rents him out to help as he spends all his money on gambling, and her fancy hand carved chopsticks don’t pull in such a great profit. Well he has a secret that no one really knows, he’s basically the Robin Hood of the town, and he returns their money that the wealthy people took from the poor through overtaxing and whatnot. I honestly got really bored with the anime, but I’m not one for anything historical. It is an interesting story however and I would l check it out if you’re a fan of historical animes or just comedy in general.

Ishida to Asakura- This one was even weirder than the first short I ishida to asakurasaw, I’d put it on the level of Bobobo-bobo-bobobobo in regards to randomness.  Obviously Ishida and Asakura are the main guys. It’s mostly a gag comedy about them; this episode basically had to do with a ridiculous classroom discussion, with overly exaggerated character traits (a guy with extremely long front teeth, obviously Asakura’s hair, this girl’s…chest and so forth) which the characters point out very bluntly.  If you ever watched Gakkatsu! then this one is actually really similar in a sense, so you’ll probably enjoy it as well; it moves really fast seeing as it’s only 2 minutes long, but it’s funny in a “What the heck did I just watch?” sense.

Mangirl!– No, this has nothing to do with crossdressing, but it does have to do with Mangirlmanga. This is another short about girls who wish to create their own manga magazine (like Shounen Jump). It’s pretty much a comedic short showing how it’s not easy to start one and get it popular. It didn’t really strike me in any way so I don’t really remember much that’s significant about it other than they randomly recruited people by offering something completely irrelevant to the club. But hey if you need a quick laugh, this could be it.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha– This anime seemed somewhat mayoudramatic but ended up becoming a comedy. The plot surrounds the idea of humans and demons being at war, so a brave hero confronts the demon king(who turns out to be a queen) to stop the war, but is informed that the division of the two have caused great growth in the humans (population, economy, whatever else is good for people) and that if the war ends now, there will be more chaos among the two groups, so the hero ends up following the demon queen’s lead into stopping the madness. Now what’s comedic exactly? There are serious moments when the two discuss the fate of their kind,  but when those moments are gone, the jokes are plentiful. And don’t get thrown off by the demon queen’s appearances; it may seem fanservice-y, but it’s not! The story is pretty interesting, and maybe it’ll replace the action/romance that existed in SAO.

Senran Kagura– Female ninjas and fanservice! I apologize if you like this anime, but that’s all I got out of this…I mean it is an ecchi, ninjaand I never really read up on animes before watching them, so…Anyways, “old fashioned ninjas in modern Tokyo” is what it seems to be about, but their outfits certainly aren’t old fashioned; they’re more like school uniforms, like high school uniforms rather than sailor fukus. Um. I have nothing really more to say honestly. If you like ecchi and ninjas, here you go…?

Senyuu– Adding to the list of shorts, we have this one! I enjoyed Senyuuthis one a lot; basically a hole opened up and demons and monsters started spilling into the human world, so the king sent out the descendants of “the hero” but since it’s been a millennium, well he sent out  like 70 people (including Wooser!). Our main duo is one of these “descendants” and a royal soldier, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but the royal soldier looks like a parody of Cloud. The comedy in this is very silly and more based on randomness and sarcasm if anything; some of the things our royal soldier says is very sarcastic and possibly mature…?

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