There’s always time for anime!

Not really, not when I have crap to do for school, so to save you from a wall of text (as well as my sanity), I will be reviewing releases at least two times a week now! It all depends on the release schedule, of course. The busier = the more posts, the slower = the least posts. Of course I will try my best to review older series as well as take suggestions, but it’s not possible to watch so much anime in so little time.

Tl;dr- I will update more frequently about the newest releases, and in between I will do reviews for older series (which I will take suggestions for) when I get the chance.

Now I’ll quit talking and get onto the reviews!

  • Ano Natsu de Matteru (Waiting in the Summer)– What is it with anime and girls with long red hair? It’s often not even that nice deep red, but a red orange color…but I digress. The plot, personally, feels dry. I didn’t really enjoy this one so much, and it was actually kind of hard to want to follow along. Kirishima Kaito is a boy who loves filming videos whenever he can. One night he is recording on top of (what I assume is) a dam. Well a UFO crashes down nearly killing him, but a pale feminine hand grasps a hold of his and he wakes up with only a mark on him and a memory of a girl’s red hair. He goes to school only to see the redheaded girl there, stuff happens with his friends, and one proposes making a movie with her without the approval of anyone else. Kaito sees this girl isn’t normal in very many ways, but he somewhat has a crush on her and all sorts of things lead to confirming this girl isn’t human. Now the plot doesn’t sound bad, but something about this anime is unappealing to me, I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the characters? It’s not the animation, it honestly looks like most other animes out there, and the music isn’t much of a problem. Guess I’ll have to wait it out a bit before I really judge it, but as of now it strikes little interest.
  • Another– From the description of the series, I thought it might have been one of those series that haunt me for weeks (I’m not really a horror person), but from episode one, I’ve already started doubting that. One of my reasons may sound stupid, but the OP suggests the idea : Kyomu Densen (Nightmare Contagion) by ALI PROJECT. Now, I’m not knocking ALI PROJECT, their songs are pretty catchy, but what runs across my mind when I hear them is more “psychological” or “dark” (since I think of Shigofumi or Rozen Maiden when I hear them) rather than “terrifying”; regardless, the dark mysterious aura  is there, and I don’t know what to expect: Twenty six years ago, Misaki Mei, the top student everyone loved, had died in an accident. Everyone was shocked, and one student refused to accept it; he said she was still there, while pointing to her desk, so everyone went along all the way up to graduation. However, it didn’t end there. Back to the present, a boy, Sakakikabara Kouichi should be starting school. He’s absent the first few days due to a medical incident and is in the hospital, so the class reps pay a visit. Well things get downright suspicious here, but everyone pushes it aside. Later that night, he sees a girl in his school’s uniform, wearing an eyepatch and carrying a doll around, and her name is Mei. Something doesn’t seem right about her, but he can’t place his finger on it (somehow). Kouichi starts school and notices something weird is going on; just how weird? You’ll just have to watch to find out! It’s pretty easy to get into it (unless you don’t like dark animes), and I thought it was put together fairly well, though it was based off of a novel so of course it has to be. We leave off with many questions, but of course that is just the start of it~
  • Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (The Daily Lives of High School Boys)– The title pretty much says it all. It reminds me quite a bit of those generic slice of life, school animes like Lucky Star or Seitokai Yakuindomo/ no Ichizon; this one I would say is in the middle of those two in terms of genre. I mean when you think high school boys, some of the things that generally come to mind are : perverted and immature. At least that’s what comes to mind for me for the stereotypical school boy, which is what we get in this anime. We have three main characters who attend an all boy’s school, and they just get themselves into the most ridiculous situations such as the ever alluding “How does a skirt feel?” moment or encountering a girl they feel the need to act cool around only to be interrupted by something absurd. Surprisingly, I found this to be hilarious, though I honestly think it’s because I can see a lot of the guys at my school doing stupid things like them, so something kinda relatable? If you’re into school related, slice of life, comedies, this is one to look into, however if you like them for the harems, that’s another story and this isn’t what you’re looking for.
  • Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai (Listen to me Girls, I’m Your Father)– Episode one had a pretty slow start; college freshman Segawa Yuuta spends his first night out like any other college student would, drinking and partying. He manages to get drunk and black out, only to be interrogated by the stereotypical (I’m using this word a tad too much, aren’t I?) otaku about “violating” a girl while he was drunk; it was all a sham and the girl monotonously apologises and beats the otaku with a paper fan. Yuuta gets infatuated with this girl due to his perverted friend and they end up getting along well. Then things pick up a bit, we meet a family that seems tightly knit together and learn more about them like of the three girls, the oldest two aren’t blood related to their mom(who is Yuuta’s older sister). Stuff comes up and Yuuta’s sister tells him to come over during his break to visit, only to find out he’s in charge of the girls while his sister and her husband are on a trip. From that, I’ve decided that I don’t really think the title fits very well, but…I guess it was chosen for a reason. I’m interested to see how this goes, I know it won’t be an Usagi Drop-like series, but it’s not to the point that it’ll be incestuous (it’s rated 13+ , so it better not be!). The description gives more than the first episode, “He unwillingly accepted the job but the plane Yuri took went missing. In order to prevent the daughters from being adopted separately by relatives, Yuta decided to take in all three girls.” so I’m really curious as to how it’ll go, but I’m sure the parents will find a way back, or else this wouldn’t be a comedy and marked as a tragedy, unless they’re trying to hide it from us…


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