Transformers: Autocracy 11 and 12 Review

Transformers_Autocracy_11These two issues have been out for a few weeks or so and I wanted to wait and give you all a chance to read them before my review because simply put I may not be able to contain myself. I may reveal some spoilers, I almost have to with the way this story ends.

Issue ten left us with the meeting of Metroplex and Prime, in issue eleven Prime sends out a call to all Autobots to rise up and confront Megatron. This is the beginning of the conflict of Autobots and Decepticons and a well done story as well. We are introduced to some fan favorite characters like Blaster and Sky Lynx. The story is spot on near perfect and the artwork again works wonders to tell that story with the dialogue.

Issue Twelve is the battle for Cybertron and all bets are off! Here once again I find theTransformers_Autocracy_12 artwork and dialogue simply awesome. However, this last issue has me questioning the logic of the writers for the story steals or borrows scenes that are practically ripped from the 1986 animated Transformers Movie. For instance and spoilers be told, the scene with Prime battling Megatron on Earth with Hot Rod getting in the way because he is a hot head and wants to help. Yeah that’s here, almost line for line but still with this the story is still told well.

Looking back this is a must have series for any fan of Transformers or anyone who wants to more of the back story. All twelve issues are available through in digital format for your favorite device (except Windows Phone). Go forth and enjoy and stay tuned for more reviews coming soon! 

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