Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye 1-4 Review.

Transformeres_MorethanMeetstheEye_02_CvrAThe war is over the victor is, well, not apparent. One would expect peace or maybe just some minor tension. No, not exactly. Bots will be Bots and we all know Rodimus is a loose canon waiting to happen, but I, perhaps am distracted. More Than Meets The Eye is one of the ongoing Transformers’ comics from IDW Publishing. They have done justice to the series in the past, but does that continue?

Normally I would prefer to review each issue on a case by case basic, but seeing as I needed to catch up on some reading-I might as well do one review this time around. The story starting in issue #1 has the war finally having come to an end. The Matrix having been used to essentially save Cybertron from Pollutions, which leaves the planet in a Primordial state. The Autobots have also found a star map in the remains of the spent Matrix that points to The Knights of Cybertron on a planet called Cyberutopia. Many want to search and many want to stay. Rodimus and Prowl are on opposing sides of the equation.

As we get through the next Three issues, the story gets gravely serious with… perhaps youTransformers_MorethanMeetstheEye_04_CvrRI should read it. The story in each of these issues is well written and keeps me wanting. Honestly, I’m hooked and can’t wait to get to issue Five and onward. Yes, issue Four ended with a cliffhanger, not to be confused with Cliffjumper. The characters I grew up with in the G1 era of the cartoons and comics feel right and the dialog is realistic. Although Rodimus may just be too far off his rocker.

The artwork is masterful and reminds me of the old G1 days mixed with a modern touch that does justice. As always IDW has shipped multiple covers for each issue. If you haven’t yet had the chance, I’d suggest picking up More Than Meets The Eye and following along with this story arc, it’s going somewhere and I can’t wait to see what craziness this awesome story unfolds. Don’t worry this story will keep your circuits from rusting!

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