Transformers: MTMTE 31 Reviewed

TF_MTMTE_31_cvrALast issue the Lost Light (space ship) with all our fun loving Autobots, Megatron, and Cyclonus still onboard starting disappearing. They boarded their shuttles and evacuated and watched as the Lost Light became no more. Poof! What happens next is a bit odd and the mystery deepens!

Seriously, not much can be said without spoilers. Well, maybe that the entire mystery of this issue is a disappearing trick, well TF_MTMTE_31_cvrSUBmaybe not a trick. We see some real emotion, some nerves tested, and bots trying to find answers. There is also just enough humor to smooth the edges.

The story is once again well written. Fewer surprises this issue, but still a few. The artwork was spot on wonderful. In all, this is a good read as the sage leads into something bigger. I certainly, can’t wait for the next issue (again), but alas, I must. Anyway, go on out and get this issue and enjoy!

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