Transformers: RID 29 Review

TF_RiD29_cvrRIIt’s been a very busy weekend and we definitely share in remembrance of the brave men and women who served this great nation in all branches of our armed forces. Those that gave all and those serving now, we thank you. With that being said, I had to find time today to read the latest issue of RID on my lunch break and on my Nokia 925 which, as it turned out, worked remarkable well. What of the comic? Should you buy it?


We start where we left off in issue 28. Prime is back on Earth with small team of Autobots in search of Alpha Trion. Yes, they are back-but not welcome and quickly surrounded by Earth Defense Forces and the Decepticons. Now who would have thought of that alliance? Wow! As the story progresses we see what lead to this alliance and some crazy shenanigans of a battle that is leading up to something big and green (I’ll leave it at that, well-no, not quite. It’s not the Hulk). There is also some very well placed humor.

If we take things apart we see once again a fantastic job weaving together a story of TF_RiD29_cvrAhumans and bots. Some very familiar humans, too! Truly, a well written story that captivated me and kept me longing for more. The art! The art amazes me every time. This is no exception, as it not only brings to life the gigantic bots, but also the frailties and humanism of well, humans. Over all a very well rounded and exciting comic that you should jump out of bed in the morning a rush to your trusty comic retailer and buy it! Okay, so you don’t have to rush for it- I’m sure IDW is prepared for the demand. I can’t wait for next month to see what Prowl has up his robotic sleeve.

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