Transformers: RID #30 Review

TF_RiD30_cvrAWhile all eyes are on Los Angeles for E3 this week, I had to take a step back and get my fix of Transformers Comics. This week comes issue 30 of Robots In Disguise and well, things get messy. Read on my trusty companions for the review!

Things heat up as the little battle between Autobots and Earth/Decepticons heats up to a boil. Prowl gets super-sized, Prime is not happy and Jazz is suffering from a guilt trip. Seriously, it’s a battle and I “spy” a good read. Sure we get a lot of face time with humans, but more than our fair share of bots. Galvatron just might be losing it, again!

Okay, enough of a tease! This issue has some great writing and flows down that energonTF_RiD30_cvrRI river just wonderfully. The story grabbed me, twisted me, and a small shocker towards the end that leaves me yearning for the next issue. Artwork is as it always is – Fantastic!

Go ahead and pick this one up! Without saying too much, I’m really enjoying the way Soundwave is portrayed and evolving, per say. Arcee is changing a bit, too. Prowl on the other hand, well, I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on there. Either way, be sure to add this one to your shopping list. With that, I’m off to the spacebridge!

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