Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe #1 Review

TFJOE_01_COV_APrepare for a trip to the 1980s. Seriously, that is what this issue feels like and I’m willing to bet the entire series just might be the same. It’s a different take on a mash up of two of the biggest franchises out there. Just how well does IDW pull it off?

The artwork brings back memories of my childhood as theTFJOE_01_COV_RI standard in art at the time is what we find here. I enjoy it. It’s fun and it’s well done. The story feels much the same, it has a bit of the 1980s feel to it. There’s humor, action and giant robots! One thing that stood out as an oddity was the dialogue bubbles in some scenes were partially obscured with other dialogue or art. I still understood what was going on, but I do wonder whether it was an oversight or purposefully done so. However, I can easily recommend this as a comic to pick up Wednesday or at Comic Con here in San Diego this week. At the later we will see some exclusive cover variants.

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