Ubisoft E3 2014 Recap


Ubisoft had a fairly decent show this year. They showed us some expected franchises, as well ass some new games as well. The whole presentation benefited from Aisha Tyler presenting it. She did a fabulous job and i really hope she is back next year. Anyway, time to talk about the games.





So, the first game up was Far Cry 4. It was a little surprising that one of their most popular franchises was up first but they promised to “Start Big and finish even Bigger”. They showed us the first 5 minutes of the game, and it looked amazing. It seemed like the usual Far Cry fair though, but it still looked amazing.

just dance

Just Dance 2015 was up next. They talked a little about some of the new tracks in the game and that you can share the video of your performance and have the world score it. The best part of Just Dance though was the unveiling of Just Dance Now. Its a free app that you can use if you are near a tv screen and have a smartphone or tablet. It lets anyone, with no player limit, participate in your dance as long as they can see this screen. After the dance ends, it scores everyone and will tell who had the highest score out of the bunch. It looked to work perfectly and would be great to use if you are at a party and want to play.

Next up was Tom Clancy’s the Division. This game was shown at the Microsoft conference as well, but we got some new info. The game takes place in New York after a virus has crippled the city, and made the city lost. You will also play as a member of a civilian elite. They showed a new trailer that shows the fall of New York, and I’m fairly excited for this game.

The Crew is up next and we just got a few updates on the game. There will be no loading screens while driving and you can drive across the country. This makes me think though that it could have a decent load time while starting the game, but i could be wrong. It also is a true open world game that lets you travel as you please. They also stated that it will be out on November 11.

Assassins Creed Unity had some new light shed on it as well. It will take place during the French Revolution during a major economic downfall. I still want to hear more information on how the brotherhood feature works, and to see how customizable the hero is.

shape up

I’m assuming most of you don’t like fitness game. They simply never seem to be a lot of fun. Shape Up looks to change that. Its a competitive fitness game that will be on the Xbox One. Instead of normal training programs, it offers fitness in the form of crazy minigames. We saw a couple displayed during the presentation. One was a rhythm minigame in which you used your feet to hit piano keys to the song rhythm. Another one was a push up challenge in which the more push ups you did, the heavier the object on “your” back was. It definitely looks like an odd sort of game, yet I still feel compelled to try it out sometime.

valiant hearts

Ubisoft has decided to bring out another game involving history. It isn’t another Assassins Creed, but a game call Valiant Hearts: The Great War. It is a WWI sidescroller that takes place from a dogs perspective, not much else on this one yet, so we will just need to wait and read new info as it is released.


To close the show we had a gameplay video shown of a new unannounced game. It turned out to be Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige. The video showed a small team of people breaking into a house to secure a hostage. It looks to have fully destructible environments, and drywall and ceilings were affected by gunfire and explosives. It definitely looked interesting, but did they really need to show off two Tom Clancy games? I will let you decide.

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