Ubisoft E3 2015 Press Conference

Ubisoft, in my opinion at least, is pretty much a hit or miss at E3. Granted, this could just be me as i don’t play many Ubisoft games, so there just isn’t as much for me to get excited about. However, that may change this year. Ubisoft announced some new IPs and sequels that all look to be pretty good if not amazing. So lets dive into the news shall we? After all, i’m pretty sure that is why your here

southpark fbw

Ubisoft opened the show with a trailer for, drumroll please, a new South Park game. In South Park fashion its titled South Park the Fractured But Whole… Anyway, the last game, The Stick of Truth, did very well and they seem to be applying the knowledge the learned from the first game into this one to make it an even better gameplay experience. It looks like the battle system may be improved as the had Cartman talk about how bad the battle system was.

If you ever wanted to be a knight, well this next game is probably for you. It’s called For Honor, a new IP from Ubisoft that lets you play as a knight, viking, or samurai in what looks like hack n’ slash action. It does have a four man online play, but no word on a single player campaign yet. They boasted that you will be able to feel the weight of the swords and the heaviness of the hit. If that statement will come to fuition, only time will tell, but it’s definitely a game to keep your eye on.

Trials Fusion Awesome Level maxOf course, games these days are nothing without DLC and these next two games certainly have them.  First up is The Crew and its DLC pack Wildrun. This pack of content will boast some new vehicles and and Wild Rides, which look to be some kind of neat racing event. Then they  decided to give a rather… interesting…exotic… heck its a cat with gun on a unicorn people, and it’s the DLC for Trials Fusion. I can tell from here that you are all rather exicited so the title is called Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max. Though it makes me wonder, does Max stand for maximum, or is it the name of the cat or the Unicorn. We won’t have to wait to lon as Awesome Level Max hits July 14th.

The Divison made a return showing off it’s Dark Zone. That’s an area in New York where you can play with other teams of player and either help them, kill them, or help them then betray them. It’s supposed to be an area where you should be cautious and paranoia will probably ensue. Did that group in front you get some loot? Want it? Then kill them and take it! this area is gonna be a cool one to explore once the game hits on March 8th, so be sure to check it out.

However if you want a city without a Dark Zone, welll build it… on the MOON! Anno 2205 is a new city builder game coming at you where you start on earth and eventually move to the Moon. Which is pretty cool. Though, it is a little disappointing that you have to work toward the Moon, but hey its called goals people. Then of course Ubisoft goes from the Moon to Just Dance 2016. It’s a Just Dance game, but this time you don’t have to have a camera to play which is cool, but instead you have to use your smart phone. The coolest news for this though is if you are playing on Playstation 4, Xbox One, or Wii U you have access to the new Just Dance Unlimited. Just Dance Unlimited is a new Streaming Subscription service where you will be able to dance to new songs way faster. The price point wasn’t announced but for all you dance fans out there, it may be worth the money.


The Division looks awesome but you probably want more Tom Clancey right? If you said yes then rest assured that Rainbow Six Siege is on the way. They said if you die you are dead so I’m wondering if thats like a Perma-Death feature where you have to start with a different character and lose all of your perks, or if you just can’t be revived or respawned so who knows. Anyway, if you want even more of Tom Clancy then you have Ghost Recon Wildlands as well. Not much was revealed of this except that is has a massive open world and that there are mulitple ways to finish objectives. They showed a level where you’re target is a guy called white hat, and you can either ambush him and leave him to whoever gets mad at him, kill him, or throw him in your trunk and drive off with him. It seems really interesting and was the surprise at the end of the conference, but i just wanted to finish up with all the TC games.



They also are bringing a game called Trackmania over to consoles with Trackmania Turbo. I had never heard of this game before but it looks like an arcade racer with some pretty crazy tracks in it. It will have at least 200 tracks varying in three levels of difficulty. It will also have a track creator in which the game will randomized the location and track pieces to make a unique track everytime. An to end off the Conference we saw a new Assassin’s Creed Syndicate trailer. No new info was revealed except that if you go to LA you can play it in the U Play lounge, as well as 7 different locations in Europe and Austrailia.

Anyway that wraps up the Ubisoft conference this year, and i have to say that I liked it a lot better than last years. There are some co0l games to look forward too and

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