Videos of MTAC Omega

They are starting to reveal themselves! First to show were the Blitzball tournament videos. 4 Parts! Followed by the Cosplay Battles and Cosplay Sit-Out videos. Then… The fabled Richard Epcar exclusive with our very own purpleXuniphant finally reveals itself! All 2Shots videos can be found here, so keep checking back and maybe… just maybe… the Jason David Frank Exclusive Conference and the Kyle Hebert Exclusive might have revealed themselves as well! Enjoy, and remember…

“The Answer Lies in the Heart of Battle. HADOUKEN!!”
-Kyle Hebert
Voice of “Ryu”

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About Jesse Battaglia

Jesse is the hardcore platformer and hunter of the group. Easter Eggs and hidden content in games is what drives him, and he strives to find out what the developers didn't want you to know about. You can play with him on Playstation 4 and Wii U under the name: BlaZe4489. Jesse is also an aspiring voice actor whom you'll be able to hear in upcoming projects, but for now you can find him on the "Shot 'O Games " podcast as well as on our YouTube page!

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