Weird Wednesdays: Bruises

Halloween is popping up next month, and my school’s already planning the haunted house that’s run yearly. What’s new is they’ve decided to have a makeup crew, and I decided to join along with being an actor. Anyways I decided it was time to start practicing some effects, and one I’ve always wanted to try was bruises (I get them all the time though, so it’s not like I really need to imitate one >3>;). My mom was convinced I hurt myself and yelled at me earlier haha, she thinks I’m weird.


  • Eyeshadow (I have a fancy set from ELF but as long as you have purple, black, blue, yellow/lime green, your good to go)
  • Brush/Q-tip
  • Powder of some sort (I had some costume makeup from Halloween last year)
  • Water (optional)
  • Fake Blood (optional)
  • Safety/sewing pin, pencil, etc; things with a point (optional)
  • Paper towel/tissue (not pictured/optional)

So choose where you want to put the bruise. I chose my knuckles because it was easier to get a look at. Get to know your spot, and feel around for any bones; brush over them with your darkest color (my case purple and black). If it doesn’t go on as dark as you would like, use some water.

Doesn’t it look nice? Now outline that with some blue and blend
Ok, so with my hand, my kuckles obviously aren’t perfectly smooth as the joints are bumpy; the recessed parts will be lighter than where the bones are, as they took less damage; this is where it fades fastest, and would turn that greenish yellowy color that’s really gross. So take your green and/or yellow eyeshadow and fill them in and remember to blend!

Ok, so here’s my hand with purple/black, blue, green and other shades of those colors on. Shiny huh? That’s eyeshadow for you. So get your powder and brush some on. Don’t have to do a lot, of course, but try and take the shine out!

Like this. Ok, now look at it while it’s not glaring in your face, and decide if you like how it looks; are places too dark, too much color, not enough color?

Now this step is optional; I used my knee as an example, as I banged it hard against a brickwall then got punched in the knee the same day =w=, and I saw that it had little spots where the underlayers had bleed through, but not pierced skin. What I did was used my fake blood and started spotting everywhere; then quickly dab with your finger (lightly) so too much doesn’t dry there, and kinda pat it down on other places to add more light blood spots.

What you use to spot the blood is up to you; I liked using a sewing pin as it was a very fine point. For the needle phobic, I also used wire or the end of a pen/pencil, etc. Just don’t make it too thick like I did up here; it doesn’t look all too nice by my index finger’s knuckle. But then again I did this after I found out I have another day to finish an assignment and I procrastinated and thought I was screwed, so I’m like, dead.

The bruise personally, looks better in person as the glare keeps picking up from my skin, not just the eye shadow .

When it comes to an area where your skin isn’t stretched across your bones, feel free to just freehand it like I did here :

It ended up looking kinda like a bite mark in person, but it looks better than on my hand, IMO

Hope you guys found this helpful; I’ll be bringing some more tips each Wednesday, so feel free to throw in a suggestion for what you’d like to see!

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