Weird Wednesdays: Spirit Gum

This will just be a short “tutorial” on spirit gum since I’m still suffering from government.

So what is spirit gum? Contrary to what its name implies, it’s a gluey, skin-safe adhesive for a lot of things, and it’s very easy to use. I’m honestly not sure where I got mine from (Mimi bought it), but around Halloween time, I’m sure it can be found anywhere.

So the one I have is kinda like a nail polish bottle, and it’s simple to apply:

  1. Just unscrew the cap and make sure no gunk collected to get it stuck together.
  2. Brush the gooey mess onto the back of whatever you want to stick to you (in a thin coat, as a little goes a long way and it’s a pain to get off sometimes).
  3. Allow it to get tacky (like 30 seconds)
  4. Stick to skin and there you go; press it on and hold it for a bit to make sure it’ll stick, if it doesn’t, try adding more spirit gum.

    I am aware that is not where Madoka’s soul gem is, but for demonstration purposes, it’s easier to put there.

Spirit gum can be use to attach items such as prosthetics, gems, fake piercings, or even tiny Kyubeys:

It’s up to you and your costume to decide what to stick to you but it is sometimes fun to just randomly stick things to your skin ^w^

For removal just peel the item off, and it shouldn’t hurt. You can use rubbing alcohol to get the spirit gum off; it might be difficult, but let it dry first so it’s not super sticky still or it’ll be a pain to get off.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the more you know, the less you will have wasted, because you really don’t need to use that much spirit gum. Regardless, have fun with your spirit gum, and don’t get your hand stuck to your face!


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