Welcome to Die! – X-Men Arcade Android Review

I grew up in the arcades. I really did. It is a great way to socialize, and it really teaches you a lot about economy. You learn to value that quarter, which in turn makes you realize the value of money. Seriously. Once you see how much that quarter gives, you know how much it’s really worth. That being said, us arcade brethren grew up on challenges. One of these was the X-Men arcade game. This game was large, and gave me lots of frustration and joy. It was recently released on Android, so I had to give it a shot. We have another Android game review…how did it do?

X-Men is a simple game. You pick a character, beat the crap out of everything in a level, and go onto the next one. There is no finesse here. You have three actions: attack, jump, and mutant power. Your mutant power is your screen clearing special. Hence why it has a limited number of uses. You save it until it is really necessary, usually right before dying or at a boss. Other than that…there isn’t much to this game. I realized while playing it that we were much easier to please back then.

As far as the Android port goes: I really wish the directional pad was larger. Everything is controlled from the touchscreen, so tactile feedback is important. The joystick is too small to have accurate control, I found myself going down-right versus just right. The good thing is that the unlimited continues make this seem like less of a problem. I am still using my Samsung Galaxy Nexus for these reviews. I believe that the game serves its purpose: getting you to remember the good ole days and appreciating modern gaming. X-Men is only 99 cents in the Android Play Market. Have at it guys, it’s a lot better than spending more on the game on Xbox Live.

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