Well if you want to keep your pants, you might as well get a belt for it…

It’s time again to trot into “Can I have My Pants Back?” with a small tutorial!

For the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3D, I was told to cosplay when I went to go pick up my copy (mostly to spread the word of 2 Shots; the other reason was just to cosplay in public…) Originally I was told to wear Ven, but I decided it would be too much trouble, especially since I doubt tourists and shoppers would give me any more respect than rude congoers. So I took on the task of Sora, to complete in a month. WORST IDEA EVER BECAUSE OF HIS CLOWN SHOES.  Anyway…So with it being short notice, I realised I had a very small budget as I still hadn’t gotten a 3DS (now I have one though), and of course pay off the rest of the bundle. Well here is one part of my improvisation, the belt, and I’ll shut up about irrelphant things!

To the tutorial! 

First, you’ll need:

  • Fabric (I used scrap I had found)

    Measuring tape not pictured because I forgot to use one! Don’t make that mistake =w=

  • Tape. I used packaging tape, but you can use duct tape too.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (not necessary, but recommended)
  • Decorations (grommets/eyelets, buckles, etc)
  • Measuring tape (I made the mistake of not using one, haha….)

Got all that? Good, now let’s start!

  1. All you need right now would be your measuring tape, fabric, tape, and scissors. Measure how long you’ll need the belt to be; I derped and didn’t do this and made it short. Don’t fret, if you do make it too short, just add-on the extra length where you’ll put the buckle, it should be hidden if it’s not too much.
  2. Now measure this out onto your tape. Pretty self-explanatory.
  3. Put the tape, sticky side down, onto your fabric. Leave room on the outsides, it’s very important. Trim the outside fabric a bit if you would like (like to make it more manageable, but leave more fabric than I did; I shouldn’t have even cut it!) Also, you can add an extra layer of tape if you want it sturdier. mine is a little flimsy, but it feels pretty secure.
  4. Time to use your sewing machine! Take the fabric tape thing, and fold the fabric over the edge of the tape, and sew it down! I prefer to use a zipper foot so I could easily stay in a straight line and make sure I was sewing near the edge, but that’s preference.
  5. Done with that side? Repeat with the other side
  6. Ta-dah~ you have your belt base finished. I’m too  lazy to finish it off, so the tape still shows (for Sora it won’t matter anyway), but if you’re picky about it you can make another one and sew them together (which would make it much stronger as a legit belt)
  7. All that’s left is to add the buckle and any other decorations. Adding a buckle is simple; see where you want to put it, and insert the fabric into the buckle. Mark where the middle piece (I dunno what it’s called, but it’s that thin metal piece that you slide into the grommets/holes to keep it in place) will pierce the fabric, pull it out and cut a small slit for it.
  8. Slide the fabric back through and make sure to insert the metal piece through the hole. Fold over the fabric like you’re hemming it and sew it together.
  9. Now your buckle is attatched! (ick my sitching is messy, but it’s nearly midnight and I’m sewing. Sissy did tell me that once it hits midnight, I lose my ability to craft…)
  10. Add whatever you need and now you have a belt!

I originally used a piece of ribbon I found and painted it, but it looked horrible and was too light and flimsy. Then I remembered that fabric stores generally have belt boning to use, but I didn’t feel like going out to buy some since I figured it wouldn’t be worth it as I wouldn’t use the belt so often. After that I remembered a duct tape belt tutorial, and then this happened. I found all this stuff lying around my house room so it didn’t cost me anything but time out of sleep (which I’ll never get back until school starts…somehow) I hope this helps you guys who are in a pinch for money!


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