Whispersync for Games – Why The Kindle Fire HD has my Attention

I game everywhere. It’s no secret. While I do support Android as my mobile platform of choice, I do have one big complaint as someone who has several Android devices and changes phones about every 10 months: no progress is saved in my games. This makes it hard to really dedicate a lot of time to any one game, since I know that at one point it will all be gone. Home consoles have had an excuse thus far, but a device that has an almost “always on” connection, like a phone, does not. Cloud saving in games is something that needs to come to Android, like, yesterday. It looks like someone did something about it, but it isn’t Google. It’s Amazon.

Whispersync is Amazon’s cloud based technology that allows users to keep all their content in sync among several devices. It is not uncommon for people to have books and magazines they read on their computers during the night, but then continue reading on their tablet later on in the day. I do it for books with my Kindle app. I read on my desktop PC, Acer Tablet, and my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone. I really love that feature, it’s awesome that I can just continue reading right where I left off on whatever device I’m holding. I wish this was available for my games. Now, it can be, as Amazon is rolling this feature our for their gaming library on their Kindle Fire HD line.

This allows users with multiple devices to play any game on their library, and pick up where they left off on any device, at any time, as long as they’re connected to the internet. You can also compare your progress with people on Facebook. This is something simplistic, but that is genius. There are several games on Android that are involved, but that I don’t play because I know I can’t dedicate enough time for them on just one device. I could fix this problem if I had a Kindle Fire HD. To tell you the truth, I am really tempted by that 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD that is coming out in November. The size seems to be just right, between 7″ and 10″, the $299 price is great, and this cloud game saving is really calling out to me. I will give you all a more detailed summary if I can ever truly get to try it, but right now, Whispersync for Games looks awesome. Congratulations Amazon, you’ve got my attention for yet another segment of products.

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