Who the Heck is Howard the Duck?!

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We’ve all seen Guardians of the Galaxy by now, right? No? Why are you reading this?! Go watch it! RIGHT NOW! Anyways, if you were like me and the friends I saw the film with you may have stayed for the post-credits clip that Marvel loves to plop into their films. And again, if you were like me and the friends I saw the film with you may have been left with a few questions like, what the Hell was that? Was that Donald Duck or something? I know Disney owns Marvel now but, really? Well my friends, that strange creature you saw was an actual Marvel character named Howard the Duck. To give myself some credit I knew who he was when I saw him I just wasn’t expecting it mostly because, I had never given the character the light of day and figured only those people that were serious about Marvel comics did. In fact, no one I was with had a solid idea of the story line behind him so I did a bit of poking around the internet to get a brief idea. Thanks Wikipedia! I actually became quite interested in Howard because of one sentence, “Howard’s adventures are generally social satires, while a few are parodies of genre fiction with a metal-fictional awareness of medium.” (source)
Sounds like a fun read, right? I thought so and now you can read every bit of Howard’s past in the reprinting of the Howard the Duck hardcover omnibus! Including Adventures Into Fear #19, Man-Thing #1, Giant-Size Man-Thing #4-5, Howard the Duck #1-#33, Marvel Treasury Edition #12 and Marvel Team-Up #96.
If you want to learn more about Howard the Duck and other Marvel history, check out marvel.com/75!
What do you think about the witty duck known as Howard? Too strange? Right up your ally? Interested in reading up on him? Let me know in the comments below and as always, catch you all next time!

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