Who You Gonna Call?

gbintlpstrLet’s face Ghostbusters is more than an just another 80’s movie to a lot of us. Much in the same way Transformers and G.I. Joe were not just cartoons. They had meaning and helped shape us in many ways. Naturally, when we hear a beloved franchise being rebooted, we grow concerned. Some freak out, but I believe most of us have the clarity not to judge before seeing this new take. With Ghostbusters, I was concerned. Not because stars were all female but because I wanted to see Ghostbusters anew with the feel and love that the original had. I reserved judgment until I saw it over the weekend. Keep reading for my take on this reboot.

This is my view and certainly not everyone will agree and I respect that. I would also warn there may be some spoilers below. I’ll the good, the bad, and where it fell off a cliff when it shouldn’t have. After reading my review, feel free to leave a comment.

Let’s start with the special effects. Spot on amazing and the 3D worked well. I saw it in Imax 3D in case your wondering, granted the pop out at you points felt more like a Disney ride or suspense horror going for cheap scares. Still it was well done and added an element of enjoyment.

The opening scene had that familiar classic Ghostbuster vibe, but I seriously wonder if that vibe carried us through the film. I can’t recall another scene that had that same vibe. That’s not to say the film was not enjoyable, because it was. I did enjoy it, but at the same time it didn’t entirely feel like Ghostbusters. Much in the same way that the recent God Of Thunder was certainly a movie about Thor and Loki, but in no way felt like the comic book characters from Marvel (The again, that wasn’t a Marvel production). In any case, I felt like something was off or missing in Ghostbusters.

The script was written well enough, but could have been much better. This leads me to one of my biggest problems. This could have been canon to the previous films and it should have been. The script even sets up the stage for it, but then falls flat. Let me try to explain: at one point we have our four heroines in the mayors office with Federal agents. The team is basically told to keep doing what your doing, but don’t make a scene. Keep in on the down low. They don’t want panic. It’s even stated “this has happened before.”  Granted they allude to Roswell and so on. Think about the possibility, could there have been another team in the past? But no! Then we have the cameos. Who better to be the debunker of all thing ghosts for the Government than Venkman, the other cameos could have simply been our former heroes living out their lives away from the past.

Characters? I have to say that some fit and some didn’t. Kristen Wiig played a believable character. Melissa Mccarthy was too over the top and part of that comes from the script. but she just didn’t feel like she really belonged in that part. Leslie Jones played a believable and character as well. Perhaps the better actress of the four in this film. Kate McKinnon’s character was well played if not awkward at times. She brought a quirkiness that almost seemed unnecessary, yet worked. Chris Hemsworth was the odd man out. His character could have been played by almost anyone, seems he was used more as I candy. Understandably, they went for something different with his character. He made me think of a truly dumb version of Mr. Bean and it may have been too dumbed down. In all, they played the parts well- but it could have been better. At parts it would seem that they tried too hard to both be like one of previous Ghostbusters and make it their own.

In conclusion, Ghostbusters is a fun and entertaining movie. It stands on it’s own and gives a nod to the classic, but it is not the Ghostbusters we grew up on. It’s a film that had a lot of potential to be great, but fell short. Perhaps, there were some strings being pulled, but at least there didn’t appear to be any political agendas embedded as many feared. So go see it with an open mind and you’ll enjoy, then go watch the originals – that’s where the magic really lies.


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