Why Anime is Bad for You.


So anime is pretty great. It takes through the realm of the 2D and bombards you with things such as love, magic, power levels, spiky hair, outrageously large meat buns, swords-that-are-large-sheets-of-metal-which-are-totally-not-overcompensating-for-something, and of course, the feels. Anime has had an impact on the lives of many geeks, for better or worse, and while it has opened up many doors leading to happiness and whatnot, it has also opened up trapdoors to places that should have never existed. With that said, we’ll now open up those forbidden scrolls and talk about why anime is bad for you.

1. Anime completely warps your expectations of reality

Ahh, slice of life anime, with your Toradoras and Kokoro Connects and whatnot. You always have a way of hitting me with “the feels” and pulling my heart strings in a way that they form an internal roller coaster track. You show me absolutely adorable relationships with absolutely adorable couples and make me wish, “Man, I wish I could be in a relationship like that!” but when it all comes down to it, your chances of finding that one yandere girl or that one catgirl of your dreams are pretty much impossible. You’ll most likely not ever switch bodies with your lover, and you’ll most likely never be trapped in a virtual reality game and find your lover in said game, and while that’s both good and bad sometimes you just have to wonder, “What if?”.

Sorry, Yuno, but things between us are just not meant to be.

Sorry, Yuno, but things between us are just not meant to be.

2. Music that you cannot understand the lyrics to get stuck in your head.

Think about your favorite anime openings and endings. Now think about all of the times you’ve attempted to sing said songs and just ended up making up sounds that you believed to sound Japanese. Cringing yet? Exactly. Did someone say Platinum Disco? How do you say “platinum” in Japanese?

But I guess this is also a thing.

3. Waifu Wars

Webster defines the waifu war as a moment when ignorance overwhelms the mind of an otherwise logical geek man or woman, causing him or her to act in an illogical, self-destructive manner (this explanation sound familiar to anyone?). This is where feelings get hurt and where the anger comes out. Waifus, or husbandos for some, are, well… like your lover in the world of anime. Hearing people talk bad things about your waifu is the equivalent to having someone step on your brand new Air Jordans or your brand new iPhone; it’s just not cool, and someone is going to get hurt physically, mentally, or both. On that note, Kirino is trash.

Yeah, I said it.

Yeah, I said it.

4. American television is ruined for you.

“The Walking Dead? Is that an OVA for Highschool of the Dead?” “True Blood? Are there vampires like Alucard Hellsing?” “CSI: Miami? Is that anything like Detective Conan?”

Ultimately, this may or may not be a bad thing, but hey.

Now who wants to watch Teen Wolf?

Now who wants to watch Teen Wolf?

5. Anime leads you to the most bizarre things.




(Warning: Offensive language)

It all speaks for itself.


16 thoughts on “Why Anime is Bad for You.

  1. Kirino isn’t trash…and half of what you said was ok. Those kind of love relationships do exist, because I am currently in one right now thanks to Anime! Please don’t put opinions but pure facts next time! I still liked your comments though.

    • Look,you probably haven’t realized,that most people I (I said I,NOT EVERYONE) do it because of A:They do it cuz its on TV(Which is this situation,AND almost every TV show that involves murdering,which includes most “Yandere” involving animes, has a thing that says ‘DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!) B: They do things like this because other people do it,and C: They do it because(Which is in your case) to feel like your favorite Tv show character,or play character. Also….on a side note,you Really and Truly just called yourself,a INSANE,OVER-OBSESSED,WILL-DO-ANYTHING TO THE POINT OF MURDER,person that does this for 1! ONE PERSON…but,you get my point,had to tell you about that,Mrs.Weaboo.

  2. Anime it’s ok but otakus are otakus someone once told me otakus are NOT anti-social but sometimes the real world just can’t accept just for who we are

    • Im an Otaku and i agree with you. We are not anti social AT ALL!!!!! We enjoy the otaku world as much as you will be really into something ^0^
      I don’t undestand haters.
      You are not one so that makes me happy to see that some people respect us.
      We are otakus but we respect the “normal people” like we say, thx ^_~

  3. I completely disagree with everything you’ve listed and feel you have exaggerated your reasons. First off, I am a regular anime watcher myself, as in, I watch anime at least five days a week, and my reality has not been warped yet. And if you want to argue and say, “It takes time.” Then let me say I’ve been watching regularly for over ten years. Second, about not knowing what the lyrics mean, or whatever, you can just find an English subbed version ON YOUTUBE! Sometimes they even provide the translation in the opening itself. And why do we have to know the language? Other people in other countries don’t need to know English to try to sing along to One Direction! Why do we have to learn Japanese just to show admiration of a song? It’s not like it offends anyone. Third, why did you use the most ridiculous quotes from anime you could find? Isn’t that kind of unfair?True, anime can be ridiculous sometimes, but it can also have morals. Like not judging a book by its cover, which is clearly what you need to do. If you can’t tell I love anime, but I also love American cartoons like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Gravity Fall, etc. So don’t tell me anime makes you dislike American cartoons. That just has to do with the person, not all anime itself. Anyway this comment is way to long so I’ll end it with this, unless someone has turned to drugs of alcohol, or a family was torn apart because of anime, keep your rather rude opinions to yourself.

  4. Ok I kinda of agree becous my sister and brother are utacus and they are cousing me becous I don’t like animae how do I get them out of animae

  5. Im one hell of an anime viewer, seen about 400+ anime series and wtf waifu wars? This is the first time im hearing this i guess there are all kind of otakus. In my thoughts i dnt think of femake characters i love as waifu -.- i just love cute anime girls thats all there ia to it who cares who thinks what about a certain female protagonist of a series? Well in the first place i find it weird that ppl do waifu fights just to get hurt -.- i believe u should do waifu fights if u enjoy it zzzzz no wonder otakus are looked down upon to have such a serious fight over something so pointless and hurting. Let me ask them this….do you think you are worth it to call them your waifus? Though i dnt rly understand what ut really means by the sound of it i think it means thinking of anime females character u like a lot as yur wife.

  6. It’s just like reading Books! there’s both good and bad to it!
    just think about it! it is a room of communication with more media to it!
    it just depends on who wrote it!!

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