Why do you cosplay?

If you’re following us on Facebook (and I hope you are) you may have heard about the Cosplay project i’m working on. I’m trying to compile pictures and short videos submissions from the cosplay community holding up cards/signs briefly stating why they cosplay. I’m really asking for your cooperation on this, I’m hoping to get things launched this weekend during MTAC.

So why am I doing this? A couple of reasons really. 1, there’s been an increase in drama in the community mostly revolving around “famous” cosplayers and the folk that do it for the attention not for the love. 2, during Kawaii Kon some awesome and separate experiences happened. 1 story has been floating around and that is the story of Jayson Semetara and his Gatchaman cosplay:

Kawaii Kon weekend is always fun and joyous with lots of happy memories, but I think this pic tops them all.

While waiting for friends during their Pokemon shoot, This woman was walking around the convention center with her grandpa and stopped in front of me. The man suffers from dementia and according to the woman his memory is slowly slipping away. However, when he saw me in my Gatchaman costume, he stopped and smiled at me, even shaked and hold my hand tightly. He even slightly said “Gatchaman!” to me. after taking the photo, his smile was really big, as if he was meeting a celebrity. Later that day, I bumped into the woman again, and she thanked me for the photo op. She said she never saw her grandpa smile that big in months and that he was humming the theme song after leaving.


….its memories like this that make me want to put on a costume.


The other story is what happened late Saturday night, Jesse was in his Team Rocket Grunt cosplay.

After taking this photo and chatting with the girls for a bit, a little boy maybe 6 or 7 years old walked up to Jesse wearing a Pikachu hat. He said “HI TEAM ROCKET!” then ran off. He was taunting Team Rocket! Additionally throughout the con Jesse was carrying around a net with a captured Pikachu inside along with the Team Rocket Battle music playing. The reactions were priceless. The majority of the reactions were either “is that the team rocket music?omg! awesome!” or “Whoa, Team Rocket… ohhh Pikachu..” This is why we do it, for the fans. We’re the same as the rest of you, fans of these games, animes, movies, tv shows, comics and mangas. Sometimes as society we get so caught up in the day to day we forget how to interact or be friendly but when the simplest interactions and smiles are sparked through a recognized cosplay, thats one less level of awkwardness.

Cosplaying is fun, it gives a chance to be the characters we love and sometimes idolize. It should make us happy, and should bring smiles, awe and happiness to those who recognize and acknowledge us. While over the years it has evolved in a full on sport with bigger, better, faster and stronger costumes that show off brilliant talent and craftsmanship, that doesn’t mean its an arms race.

Remember the golden rule of cosplay:

Have fun.

And if you would be so kind as to participate in my project what I am asking for is a picture or a video of you in cosplay with a short reason as to why you cosplay. If you have a story you want to tell I’d love to hear and share it with the world. Once the gallery is set up I will be posting weekly slide shows here, a gallery on our Facebook and an ongoing Tumblr dedicated to you and why you cosplay!

Submissions can be sent to:

I can’t wait to see what you guys have to say!

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  1. Hi there~

    I am so inspired by the stories that you shared. I am no cosplayer but I have always been a regular con attendee here in our place. I have seen the community evolve from a simple fun hobby to a sport. I’ve seen so many drama and cosplayers beginning to have “attitudes” but still I love and respect cosplayers in general for they bring joy and inspiration to fans bold old and young.

    Visit my blog if you have time. ^_^

    Cebu Tech Blog

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