Windblade #2 Review

TF_Windblade02_cvrRILet’s face it, Windblade’s first issue set a high bar. To say I’ve been waiting for this next issue is paramount to, well, Starscream’s ultimate desire for control. There is a lot going on in this series and it is shaping up nicely.

Last issue Windblade was almost killed in a deadly explosion while she was investigating problems with Metroplex. She may have been knocked down, but she got right back up and is not only investigating who or what caused the explosion; she is also trying to find a link between Metroplex’s problems, the explosion, and Starscream.

Yep, that’s what we see a bit of straight forward intelligence gathering, investigative search for answers. She does find the answer and boy, oh, boy does it look like we are gearing up for TF_Windblade02_cvrSUBa showdown. The next issue is looking like a doozy!

As for the artwork, what can I say Sarah Stone is doing an excellent job on this series. I always expect great looking art from IDW and they seem to always deliver. The story continues to capture and ignite my imagination; a well written story by Mairghread Scott. The characters and atmosphere all feel just right. Now, my only problem is that I cannot wait to read issue # 3! Yes, you’ve got it right if your thinking that you should be reading this series. Windblade is well worth reading and owning!

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