Windblade #3 Review

TF_Windblade03_cvrAWow, wow, wow! Windblade is back and the action is intense and nearly non-stop.
Last issue, Windblade and Chromia recruited some bots, including the famous Blur and a reporter, to get evidence against Starscream. Only problem is they were ambushed!

This issue just gets crazy and exciting. We get a fight, imprisonment, and torture. We find answers to some questions that lead to new questions. Wait? Didn’t I just say that about TF_Windblade03_cvrSUBMTMTE #30? Hmmm, oh well. This is a very fast paced issue with enough mystery and action to leave me hanging just enough. It’s like eating a sandwich that is just so delicious, that despite being incredibly filling, you just can’t wait to eat another!

The artwork was very impressive. I kept noticing little details in design or shadowing that just made those action panels pop. The story, yep you guessed it, was just amazing and riveting! I can’t really say anymore without spoiling you- so be sure to pick this one up!

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