Windblade #4 Review

TF_Windblade04_cvrALast issue of Windblade things got messy. Windblade and Chromia were captured by Starscream. They barely got out alive and things go from bad to worse as we head into the fourth and final issue. Are you ready for a twist?

Let’s just say we get answers. We find out what’s really going on and who is behind the explosions, the deaths, and attacks. We get to see some crazy things in this issue. I can’t really say much more. I could easily spill the beans, but who wants those spoilers?

Let’s start off with the art, which is  fantastic and really bringing this story arc to life! The TF_Windblade04_cvrSUBstory was amazing from start to finish. I had my suspicions, but I did not expect that! It was a gripping story that had me hooked until the end. I did, however, notice a few oddities like spelling mistake in one spot and a phrase in bold that seemed out of place. However, these did not distract from the story and wonderful artwork. Come Wednesday, you’ll want to add this one to your shopping list. Oh and with Comic Con here is San Diego, I bet you’ll be able to pick it up at IDW’s booth. 

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