Windows 8 Quick Tip

That’s right! Windows 8 is now available for you to buy on a new PC or upgrade an older machine. I’ve spent the last week fine tuning my HP DM4t-1000 laptop that was released some 3-4 years ago with Windows 8 Pro with Media Center added on. Although, not initially designed for Windows 8 (as you probably guessed), I have been able to find all but one compatible driver to get this machine flying! With having all that fun and experimentation with the final release and the two preview versions I have come across some awesome tidbits of Microsoft’s newest addition. Check out the video below for details.

Windows 8 Quick Tip #1

What you’ll see in the above video is a quick and easy way to access the control panel and many options within the control panel. I also show the new Recovery Drive option which should prove to be very useful. Also be sure to browse the Windows Store for many free and useful apps as well as some fun games. Team Viewer and Remote Desktop are very useful for techs like me and the new versions of minesweeper, mahjong, and solitaire look great and are xbox live compatible with achievements.

As for security, I’m running Eset Smart Security 5, which the current version having been on released months ago is fully compatible with Windows 8. Eset is also working on version 6 which they plan to include Anti-Theft technology at no additional cost. This is huge, as every other vender will charge you for it.

That being said, the latest versions of Norton security products are now compatible as well Mcafee. While the later two are very effect, I still recommend Eset Smart Security for the best protection no matter which version of Windows your running. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Quick Tip and I shall keep digging for more in Windows 8!

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