Windows 8 Storage Spaces

With the rise of digital content we have found that users often need more and more storage space. Windows 8 features Storage Spaces which can be used to help in that regard. There are a few ways to use it. It can be used to turn multiple hard drives in to one large congruent drive. No more trying to organize your files on multiple drives with multiple drive letters. Another benefit is the ability to add more drives to the storage pool when needed.

The other options involve RAID setups using simpler terms. These allow multiple drives to work together to safe guard important files by making duplications of files or spanning files across multiple drives. Unlike the first option, using one of the ‘RAID’ options will not increase your storage space.

In the video below I show how to configure Storage Spaces and move your Windows 8 Libraries to the new storage pool. My test configuration is using a 90GB OCZ SSD for Windows 8 and two Seagate hard drives, 250GB and 500GB, for the storage pool and

Windows 8 Storage Spaces

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