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I lied, I had so much to do last week before I left for Momo, so I had no way to make a post…With that being said, the con is over, and I’ll be writing up a review shortly! Four day cons are way different from 3 day cons and I’m still exhausted. I’m not letting that get in the way of cosplay though, I have lots of work to do and lots of projects ready to go!

I don’t really have much news in regards to my cosplays to be honest haha, but guess I can show off my cosplays from Momo? I ended up dropping a few cosplays for the sake of sanity and travel (and boy am I glad I did). Aqua and Gwendolyn didn’t make it, but due tsakuyao many reasons I’m so glad I left them at home. That left me with : Sakuya and Chen from Touhou, Ruby Rose from RWBY, and Oktavia von Seckendorff from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I wore Sakuya most of Thursday, but man that wig…it was awful. I bought it from Amphigory years ago when I first made Gwendolyn; it was so coarse and it tangled so badly–then again maybe I’m just not used to long hair. I did like the cosplay though; it was simple aside from the corset, and I had a cute little serving tray with something I quickly threw together. The dishes are all from Dollar Tree; the cup is filled with resin I tried to tint to look like blood and the dessert is just a quick deco thing I threw together at like 4 in the morning.

A little bat cause Sakuya is Remilia is a vampire...bat.
A little bat cause Sakuya is Remilia’s maid and Remilia is a vampire…bat.

Pretty much every night I switched into Oktavia cause I was really proud yet unsure of it at the time. I noticed the scales weren’t sitting the way I wanted to when I had first made the skirt and when I tried to reassure myself, my boyfriend pointed it out when he walked in… But I had a really positive response, and Catherine Lewis of God Save the Queen Fashions said it looked good when we happened to catch the same elevator!

I'm missing my crown cause I left it in my car
I’m missing my crown cause I left it in my car

I did end up with a few issues with this cosplay, but i plan to remake a lot of it when Anime Weekend Atlanta (or maybe even Akaicon) comes  by.

I haven’t worn Ruby in a very long time. Crescent Rose needed to be fixed up along with my wig, but I ended up bringing her anway. I did throw together a new Crescent Rose before the con (and painted it the day I wore her) but I think it looked pretty decent. Plus I think I had the largest scythe at the con! I did skip a lot of details, but I did at least manage to make the pole retractable so it fit in my car. Unfortunately, it was really warm out the day we had a photoshoot and…well needless to say I’m gonna start investing in more adhesives rather than hot glue.11270176_460863897405686_995626714775881470_n


After Ruby I wore Oktavia all day, so nothing really to add here other than I do plan to change a lot, but I kinda like the scales…

The last cosplay I wore to Momo was Chen. It was a simple enough cosplay, I had trouble with her tails and her dress originally but after buying new materials to make them, everything went well. I was a cupcake! I like making petticoats so I decided to go all out with Chen. I changed into her on Saturday night cause Oktavia was hard to walk in, but I did end up missing part of the cosplay contest cause I lost an ear in my car…Anyways, I think Chen has to be one of my favorites, cause it’s cute, recognizable, and very comfortable. I think my favorite part is the skirt and petti. Funny thing was, we went into the gaming room and we played a game called…Dance Maniax? It was a game with sensors on the top and bottom of a disc, and you had to swipe your hand over or under the disc based on the symbol on the screen. Well my petticoat kept setting off the sensors under the disc to the point the guy behind me came to tell me to step back and try again.22512_461352994023443_1300218630371473377_n


Now that the con is over, what’s next? I’m still experimenting with resin cause I need to cast stuff for an upcoming commission and I think it’s going alright. It’s just a matter of finding enough mold making material on a budget… I’m also making Magical Girl stuff. I got an inquiry for Star Guardian Lux’s staff, and I might make one even if the commission doesn’t go through. I meant to make a start for Card Captor Sakura’s star wand but I got the two wands mixed up and made the star just a little too rounded…22507_462751563883586_2908906266051500896_n 11147055_462498543908888_1945738856589883348_n








Oh! I’m also working on a trident I got a commission for a little while back, but after I started sanding I realized I probably made the heads a little too small. We’ll see. I really like how they were coming along too…20150604_001357


That’s all I’ve got for this week. I’ll be writing up my review of Momo and work on getting the photos and videos up as soon as possible!

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