WIP Wednesday: I Am (not) an Adult.

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. I’ve been really busy…With what exactly? Well that’s why we’re here today!



Earlier this year, I started taking some commissions to work on in my free time, and let’s just say it has escalated very, very quickly. I have made about 11 pairs of Sora shoes this year, primarily ones based off of his Kingdom Hearts 2 outfit. With that, I can safely say I refuse to cosplay KH2 Sora. Don’t get me wrong, I love that dork and his dumb shoes, but I think I die a little each time I make a pair. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop making them, I mean it gets me money to use on cosplay since I still live off an allowance, but it’s tiring. I’m taking a short hiatus to get stuff done for AWA next month, and I started school, so…hopefully I can be ready to fight the kaiju in time.

I was actually really lucky to have received a break from KH2 shoes, and let me tell you Child_briefcasehow much it restored my sanity. It was a very odd request, as I had been making goofy clown shoes for about 7 months, but I got a request for a bag. Not just any bag either; the commission request was for a Child’s Briefcase from Day Z. I don’t know too much about Day Z other than silly Steam reviews and that one Let’s Play my cousin showed me where two guys duked it out over the Selfie song, but I knew enough that this was gonna be a fun commission.

I don’t think I’ve posted enough about my cosplays here, honestly, but there are 3 things that will draw me into a character : armor, wings, and/or distress. I’m not big on sewing; I can do it, but props are my favorite part, and I feel empty without one. The bag did require sewing as well as working with new material, but I’m very pleased with the outcome! I used red marine vinyl, some sorta red lining, magnetic snaps, and acrylic paint sealed with varnish.

My sewing machine absolutely hated the vinyl.

It gave me loops on the bottom no matter what I did. After fiddling with my machine for about an hour, I tried sewing a scrap of fleece I had laying around and it sewed no problem. Immediately after I sewed on vinyl and lo and behold. My sewing machine accepted the vinyl–though it did skip a few stitches. Once the bag was assembled, the painting was self explanatory, maybe. It was a lot of fun though! I honestly wanted to keep the bag, but I couldn’t…so I’ll make something kinda like it to replace my ratty purse.




The other project I was working on that kept me away from life was Mako Mori.I kinda managed to get it finished for Akaicon, but there’s a lot I need to fix. However, a test run is always very nice. For starters, sew every single piece of velcro down, hot glue isn’t always your best friend, and for short wigs, use that entire pack of bobby pins to keep it on. I’m scrapping quite a bit since the armor was incredibly bulky and that needs to be fixed, but hey. Now I know. And now I know what to do when it comes to making my boyfriend’s; fingers crossed in hopes that it gets finished by September 26th! (it’s not gonna happen…)

I'm actually not that proud of how the armor looks so...that's all you're gonna get for now.

I’m actually not that proud of how the armor looks so…that’s all you’re gonna get for now.

Oh and one last little project I started but didn’t quite have time to finish…

My phone ate my more recent photos and I'm too lazy to pull it out to take more photos.

My phone ate my more recent photos and I’m too lazy to pull it out to take new photos.

Ta-dah! It was supposed to be my boyfriend’s birthday present, but I’m bad at secrets and also haven’t had time to finish it…but it will definitely be done by AWA.

I’m also working on remaking Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere) but I can’t tell how well that’s gonna go, only got 3 more weeks…!

Once again I have more recent photos...

Once again I have more recent photos…

(PS, I’m opening commissions back up soon, so you can contact me here if you gotta a request)

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