WonderCon 2012 Recap

imageWonder, Wonder, WonderCon …oh! WonderCon was lots of fun and I hope you enjoyed my Thunderian humor there. WonderCon is like a little sister or brother to Comic-Con, but still big. I think what stands out about WonderCon is the larger presence of the smaller companies and independent artists and publishers. Sure Marvel and DC were there, but no where near the presence they have at Comic-Con.

This year was in the lovely city of Anaheim (even with the rain and heavy winds) at the Anaheim Convention Center, which is 2012 wondercon-0280pretty big. In fact there were three events going on this same weekend. Some sort of Cheerleading tournament or conference, a volleyball tournament and of Course WonderCon. Each taking up one large hall on the main floor and WonderCon taking the lower floor for registration and the two upper floor for panels.

This is the place to be for meeting people and actually having the chance to move around and even shop. Unlike Comic-Con the floor was not jam packed and crowded. It’s was a comfortable atmosphere. It was not what I expected after years and years of Comic-Cons, but it was a pleasant surprise.

What did I do and what did I learn. Hopefully you were following me on Twitter @redneckpoet and our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/2shotsofgeek. I tweeted and posted updates as I got the news but to refresh: 2012 wondercon-0303Marvel showed us some upcoming cartoons. Hulk: Agents of S.M.A.S.H. is still a ways away and may change before it’s 2013 debut on Disney’s XD. It feature’s Green Hulk, Red Hulk, She-Hulk, A-bomb, and Scaar. They are working as a team and little more is known. The animation looks good and while it seems a bit cheesy, I think this show will do well.

Next was Marvel Mash Ups! Remember Super Friends and all those past marvel cartoons? Yeah, me too! Marvel is taking and slicing and dicing scenes from all of these shows and putting them together with new audio. The result is some pretty funny stuff. Some of the comedy is childish, but when mixed with your favorite super heroes and villains it looks like gold.

Ultimate Spider-Man brings Parker back to the cartoons in a bit of a twist. We watched the first episode and I’m hooked. Parker has been Spider-man for about a year and he catches the bad guys, but makes a mess at the same time. Enter Nick Fury who offers to train Spidey to be an ‘Ultimate’ hero like Captain America or Iron Man. I won’t say much more on the story, but the animation is wonderful and voice acting fits. Aunt May looks a bit too young, but yoga explains a lot! There is also a ton of humor in this compared to the previous Spider-Man cartoons. Myself and the Audience were rolling on the floor with laughter; well almost. Coming this April!

There is another Marvel cartoon that we have been eagerly awaiting to return since it’s last season ended. And with much acclaim Marvel announced and then showed us the 1st episode of the new season of Avenger’s: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Enter Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four. The rivalry between The Hulk and The Thing is hilarious. This show just got better! I better not say anymore as spoilers would like ensue. I believe we are looking at April as well, but I may be wrong.

2012 wondercon-0302
As for the comics Brian Wood is to be the first to work on two X-Men titles at the same time with Ultimate X-Men and X-men. Dark Avengers will be back in June. Punisher goes hunting for the Hulk in Hulk: Stay Angry. Some exciting stuff.

The rest of the show was mostly meeting the different companies and people. Taking pictures of a few awesome customs and happenings. I missed the Amazing Spider-Man movie panel, the line was crazy and people got there super early for it. I did manage to make it to the Alcatraz panel and Fringe panel. Nothing new or exciting to report there although they showed a mash up of Fringe moments with Walter Bishop that was just hilarious.

2012 wondercon-0345  2012 wondercon-0325 2012 wondercon-0343

Check out the rest of our pictures on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/2shotsofgeek. Be ready, more conventions our coming up soon! I’m excited are you?

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