You can say I’m the odd one out here

I’m not exactly a gamer. I do play video games, but very rarely can I finish one. I can come up with several reasons: lack of an attention span, too much school work, being a lazy teenager, and so on and so on. Now you’re probably wondering “Why the hell is this kid here then?” Well I’m here to fill you in on the anime details from the latest hits of the season to the hidden gems or the gunk you just don’t want to look at along with a touch of cosplay on the side.

So what about me? I’m that teenage girl who people tend to stray away from; however, I’m known as Kim. What “normal” teenager would like to be associated with “that weird girl who dresses up like anime characters and goes to anime conventions“? Well quite a few people actually, but that’s beside the point; I don’t bother with, let alone understand, things that most teenagers drool over and I don’t want to.Not much else matters about me, so just sit back and relax, then take a sip to enjoy 2 Shots of Geek!

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Kimberly Cheng

About Kimberly Cheng

Kimberly Cheng is pretty much that strange girl that no one questions; they're just used to it. She's the cosplayer of the group, and she'll fill you in on all of the latest anime trends, and tips and tricks of cosplay that can save you the money that a college student needs. You can find her on facebook as Purple Uniphants cosplay.

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